Vince Gill at Songs for Sight 2011

Our Mission:

Songs for Sight is an organization created to raise awareness and funds for the UAB Low Vision Rehabilitation Center and Low Vision Research.  

For those living in between  the worlds of sight and total blindness, the gray area is scary and difficult to navigate.  
Songs for Sight works to impact the present and future of children and young adults living with low vision.  Songs for Sight partners with the most comprehensive low vision center in the Southeast, the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) Center for Low Vision Rehabilitation.  It also funds research conducted at UAB's Optic Nerve Imaging Center.  While repairing every child's vision is the ultimate goal, maximizing  independence in the meantime is literally invaluable.  Funds raised by Songs for Sight place current vision technology and training into the hands of parents who simply cannot afford it for their children.  

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